Rydee - Molecules

Molecules, a chemistry game

Try to connect Molecules together and get points.

Molecules, the story

Everything in this world is connected, especially the tiny parts of our lifes. So why don't make a cool little game to imagine that feeling?

Molecules, the game

Try the mode Levels and make the goal molecule as much as you can. Or, try the mode Timed, and try to make as much molecules as you can in 60 seconds.

Molecules, the design

In Molecules, we're really focused on the design. We are trying to give users the best and understandable UI and not a mess.

Molecules, the Company

Molecules, a chemistry game was made by Rydee. Rydee is a 2-bit (Startup) company based in the Netherlands. Rydee was founded on April the 18th 2014 by two teenagers.

Download it now

Molecules, a chemistry game is now available in the iOS App Store. We are working really hard to make more cool games for you guys!